Lessons by writers, who had withdrawn permission, not to be taught in Karnataka schools

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The Department of Public Instruction issued a circular on Friday directing schools not to teach a total of seven lessons, whose authors have withdrawn permission for its inclusion in the revised textbooks.

The circular issued by M.P. Madegowda, Managing Director, Karnataka Textbook Society, lists texts by Devanur Mahadeva, Dr. G. Ramakrishna, Roopa Hassan, Eerappa M. Kambali, Satish Kulkarni, Sukanya Maruti and Doddahulluru Rukkojirao in Class X, IX and VI Kannada textbooks as not to be taught to students for the academic year 2002-23.

These writers had withdrawn permission to include their works in the newly revised textbooks, taking exception to what they termed “saffronisation” of textbooks under the Rohith Chakrathirtha-led committee, which had brought in, among others, a speech by RSS founder K.B. Hedgewar as a lesson in class X Kannada textbook.

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