Twitter announces edit feature for select users

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Twitter will let its paid subscribers or Twitter Blue users edit tweets. A screenshot shared by Twitter in its blog post revealed that users can track the edit history and previous versions of a tweet through the ‘last edited’ label.

The microblogging site in April announced that the upcoming edit feature may track tweet history.

Edit feature on Twitter

Users will be able to perform edits to the original within 30 minutes after publishing a tweet. However, Twitter Blue subscribers already have an ‘undo tweet’ button to cancel posting a tweet within 30 seconds of publishing. Reportedly, the feature will continue to work even after the launch of an edit button.

Twitter said that the feature will first roll out to subscribers in New Zealand and learn its usage patterns. According to reports, the company will then expand the feature to Twitter Blue users in Australia, Canada and the US.

This comes after the platform expanded its strategies to recommend posts from accounts users do not follow. A sparkle icon on the home page provides users with the top ‘For You’ Tweets, which include recommendations and topics from accounts they do not follow, and the latest tweets from accounts followed. Twitter is also experimenting with an ‘X’ tool for users to remove recommendations.

Recommendations on Twitter

Recommendations on Twitter

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September 22, 2022


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