Telegram update brings infinite reactions and emoji statuses to premium users

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Telegram has announced some enhancements pertaining to the UI, emoji statuses and reactions to chat messages. The messaging platform has been trying to push its premium tier, launched in June this year.

Premium users will now have infinite reaction emojis and set emoji statuses on their profile. According to reports, the messaging platform has released a new themed icon for Android with improved animations. The platform recently added new emojis to its reaction panel for all free users.

Infinite reactions

The platform said in a statement that premium users can pick reactions from the ‘infinite’ collection and can attach up to three emojis per message. However, group admins can control the use of custom reactions.

Reaction emojis

Emoji statuses

The platform lets premium users set animated emojis as statuses that will appear next to their name. Users would be able to choose one of seven standard statuses or from an infinite number of custom emojis. According to Telegram, the chosen emoji will replace the premium badge in the chat list.

Emoji Status

Emoji Status

Other updates

Telegram lets every user have their username link. The new format — links — makes it easy for users to share their profiles. Android users can manage media downloads and reorder and prioritise files via the downloads tab.

Manage downloads

Manage downloads

The platform has streamlined logging on to Telegram iOS with a new interface and animations already existing for Android users. In addition, Android 13 users can choose a thematic Telegram icon, which will adapt to their phone’s dark mode settings and accent colour.

Telegram icon

Telegram icon

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September 19, 2022


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